Optimize the lock screen

The calendar is the #1 spot on the mobile lock screen. With Rokt Calendar, you get access to this prime real estate.

Tap into high engagement

76% of calendar users check their calendars between 2 and 10 times per day, making it the second most used app following email.

Target audiences with ease

Rokt Calendar is mobile optimized so that you can reach your audience wherever and whenever, without the need to download another app.

Leverage guaranteed reach

Calendar push notifications are enabled by default on 100% of mobile smartphones, so you’re guaranteed to get through to every subscriber.

Rokt Calendar is fully compatible with your existing
marketing and communication tools



Expand communications with targeted markets to increase brand affinity, content discovery and consumer engagement via the calendar.


Publish travel alerts and itinerary updates, relevant future offers, reward program deals, and more directly into your subscriber’s calendar.

Sports + Entertainment

Enable fans to sync their calendars with your sports schedule, and remind them to tune-in moments before your content airs.


Keep your events top of mind. Drive ticket sales by syncing event details directly into your customer’s calendar and promoting relevant future events.

Over 5 billion engagements influenced globally

Rokt Calendar Success Stories

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