Landing page redesign skyrockets conversions
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Landing page redesign skyrockets conversions


At Rokt, our industry specialists are experts at optimizing campaign performance for their specific vertical. As part of this work, an opportunity to increase conversions was identified for a meal-kit company who was underperforming in comparison to similar companies.


The client was presenting prospective subscribers with an offer that lacked the full scope of what they would be committing to. Understanding that Rokt introduces advertisers to consumers at the top of the funnel, we encouraged the client to rethink their customer journey and redesign their landing page to better educate prospective subscribers.


Supported by our vertical insights, the client added a pre-sign-up page that detailed meal kit options, which included the cost and savings of each plan. Despite lengthening the sign-up process, the client saw a 95% increase in conversions solely from this change.

Check out the landing page changes here.

The Results

  • 95%

    Increase in click-to- conversion rate

  • 29%

    Increase in impression- to-conversion rate

  • 21%

    Decrease in cost per new activation

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