How can Rokt help my business?

Rokt helps ecommerce companies and digital advertisers achieve a variety of goals.

With Rokt you can:

  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase your average order value
  • Improve lifetime customer value
  • Drive customer engagement through calendar marketing

What geographies does Rokt operate in?

Rokt has active partners (publishers) and advertisers in sixteen global markets: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

How does Rokt handle data privacy?

Rokt understands how important data privacy and security is for all our clients and their customers. We are compliant with all major regulations in the markets we operate in, including GDPR, CCPA, and APPI.

Does Rokt have integrations with other marketing technology providers?

Yes! Rokt collaborates with a number of providers in the marketing technology and ecommerce ecosystem including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Salesforce, Braze, LiveRamp, Mulberry, and Arrive. We are also always exploring new ways to better integrate our technology.

What is One Platform?

One Platform is Rokt’s all-in-one tool for managing campaigns and viewing analytics. Partners can use One Platform to control how offers appear on their site and check transaction analytics. Advertisers can set up campaigns and manage reporting.

Clients can log in to One Platform at https://my.rokt.com. If you don’t yet have an account, reach out to your account manager.

Rokt Ecommerce

What kinds of business objectives can Rokt help me achieve?

Rokt Ecommerce can support many of your needs around growing average order value, new revenue streams, and customer lifetime value. Third-party advertising campaigns open up a new revenue stream for your business by introducing your customers to premium offers personalized to their interests. Traditionally, our partners have earned $0.20 to $0.30 per transaction, depending on industry.

Adding upsell campaigns to the transaction process is an opportunity to increase average order value by marketing your own products or showcasing third-party providers.

You can also run your own engagement campaigns to increase customer lifetime value by showcasing your loyalty programs, mobile application, or customer feedback initiatives.

What does the Rokt experience look like for my customers?

Offers appear in the Rokt placement, a flexible and customizable container that behaves like an extension of your current site. You can tailor the appearance of the placement to match your brand guidelines, so regardless of the advertiser or campaign type, the content looks natural on your site.

Check out demos of the Rokt experience on some of our partner sites.

What kinds of offers might appear on my site?

Rokt works with many top ecommerce companies, so we know the importance of brand integrity and providing an excellent customer experience.

Rokt works with premium advertisers and providers across 9 industry verticals and 16 geographies. Rokt reviews all advertiser creatives before they go live in the marketplace to ensure they meet our ad policies.

You have full control over the types of advertisers, offers, and creatives that display on your site. Learn more about advertiser and vertical controls.

How will Rokt use my data?

During your integration, you determine how much data to integrate with Rokt. Any data you include always belongs to you and is used only to improve your customers’ experience and meet your business goals. Rokt is compliant with major data privacy and security standards including GDPR, CCPA, and AAPI.

Learn more about Rokt’s data policies or view our partner data FAQ.

How do I integrate Rokt onto my website?

The Rokt integration is simple and secure—with no impact on site performance! Just add one snippet of code to your site—Rokt does the rest. See our docs for details.

Not a developer? Rokt offers no-code integration solutions through Shopify and WooCommerce that allow you to start generating revenue within minutes.

How do I get started?

Submit your contact information to request a demo.

Our friendly sales team will reach out to discuss how Rokt can help with your business goals. After the initial conversation, we’ll work with you on a technical, design, and security evaluation. A dedicated Rokt account manager will support you at each step of the integration.

Rokt Ads

How does Rokt differ from other acquisition channels?

Rokt grants you access to an exclusive digital ad marketplace with an engaged, high-value audience.

Our premium ecommerce partners present your offer as a native part of their transaction journey, when customers have their wallets out and are in the buying mindset. Rokt’s unique positioning in the buyer purchasing journey results in a 4.8% positive engagement rate..

Since Rokt offers are embedded into the transaction experience, you can target known customers and take advantage of contextual information like purchase amount and payment type to uncover your most valuable prospects and personalize creatives.

What will my campaign look like?

You can run Rokt campaigns to meet a variety of acquisition objectives. Some of our available campaign objectives include driving website traffic, capturing email signups, prompting app downloads, and promoting special offers.

No matter what objective you choose, your campaign always displays natively on our partners’ sites.

The creative is simple: up to 175 characters of text and a logo or product image. As a fully managed service, Rokt provides a dedicated account manager who will make suggestions and provide best practices to drive the greatest performance.

For a closer look at the campaign experience, check out our demo library.

Where will my offer be shown?

Rokt presents your offer to customers during the transaction experience on our partner sites. Rokt has supported our premium ecommerce partners through over five billion transactions to date, spanning 9 industries and 16 geographies.

Campaigns are usually shown during a partner’s transaction process (typically on the confirmation page), but can also be shown on non-transactional pages (e.g., a My Account page).

What can I control for my campaign?

You have complete control over the content and location of your campaigns. You choose your copy, calls to action, imagery, audience, and location.

We suggest keeping your targeting broad and letting our machine learning algorithms determine the best offer for each customer, but you do have control over geographies, industries, customer attributes, and more to hyper-target your campaigns.

Any campaign-related data you share with Rokt always belongs to you. Rokt is fully compliant with major privacy laws like CCPA, GDPR, and AAPI.

How does the Rokt auction work?

The winner of the Rokt auction is based on a combination of predicted engagement rate—calculated by our machine learning models using historical campaign data—and bid price. This method ensures that a customer always sees an offer they are highly likely to engage with.

Similar to other acquisition networks, Rokt uses a second price auction, meaning the final bidder pays the bid price of the second highest bidder.

What’s unique about Rokt’s approach to campaign optimization?

Rokt is directly integrated into the transaction journey and uses first-party data to choose a personalized, next best action for each customer. Rokt algorithms learn from this first-party data to optimize campaigns for different audiences.

By integrating your conversion data with Rokt, you unlock access to Smart Bidding, a feature that dynamically sets bid prices for every customer to maximize your advertising budget based on cost per acquisition. You can also take advantage of Rokt Incrementality, a tool that shows how many customers you would not have acquired if you didn’t use Rokt Ads.

What results can I expect?

Compared to other acquisition channels, Rokt drives mid to upper funnel activity. Depending on your industry, you may see a longer payback period. We generally tend to see advertisers perform better the longer they stay on the platform, giving tools like Smart Bidding and Incrementality time to work.

For customers that don’t convert immediately after seeing your campaign, Rokt can send nurture messages on your behalf, reminding customers of your offer long after they’ve seen it.

How do I get started with Rokt Ads?

To get started acquiring high-value customers at scale, reach out to our helpful sales team and request a demo.

Rokt Calendar

How is calendar marketing different from other channels?

The digital calendar is the second-most used application across all devices, presenting a unique opportunity to talk to your customers where they spend the most time. Rokt Calendar typically sees much higher engagement rates than similar channels with a 30% engagement across our platform.

What kind of outcomes can I achieve with Rokt Calendar?

Rokt Calendar is a great solution to meet your customer engagement goals including:

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Scheduling events
  • Increasing email subscriptions
  • Expanding rewards and loyalty programs
  • Driving sales
  • Providing personalized content programs

How do customers subscribe to my calendar?

You can promote your calendar through any of your normal marketing channels. Think of how you get a customer to sign up for your email newsletter or enroll in SMS alerts. Some good options include your newsletter, social media platforms, or on your website via an add-to-calendar widget. Once a customer positively engages with your link, they arrive on a fully customizable landing page where they are prompted to subscribe to the calendar via their preferred application (e.g., Google, Hotmail).

Does Rokt Calendar have any third-party integrations?

Yes! You can easily integrate Rokt Calendar into your favorite marketing cloud including Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Braze.

How do I get started with Rokt Calendar?

A dedicated account manager will work with your team to align on content strategy and user flow. From there, you can curate your calendar landing pages and connect to Rokt Calendar to your CRM platform of choice (Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Braze) or API ensure all engagement is properly attributed.

To get started, reach out to our helpful sales team.