Make your brand the main event

By Rokt

If I were to look through your digital calendar right now, what would I find?

If you’re anything like me, your calendar is your life’s pace-setter.  It dictates 50%-75% of your waking hours, chronologically mapping everything from important business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and social events to recurring reminders to pay rent or tune in to the latest episode of your favorite show. Let’s face it, your life would be rather shambolic without it.

Compared to other communication and utilitarian channels you rely on daily, like email and social media, your calendar is hyper-clean, lean and personal. Ever wonder why you rarely overlook calendar events, yet thousands of emails go unread in our social and promotional filters?

It’s the reason you’ve developed a reliance on your calendar that tops most other relationships you’ve built with technology, and even some humans, for that matter. In fact, an Oxford University study surveyed a group of smartphone users, of which 89% said they found calendar reminders very useful, compared with email and social messages.

Until now, the calendar has remained an untapped marketing channel hiding in plain sight.  Brands have spent billions across modern-day digital channels like display, video, and email, to try and cut through the clutter and capture consumers’ scatter-shot attention spans, only to remain reliant on consumer memory for brand recall at the end of the day.

It’s no secret, there’s a growing – and concerning – trend of consumer desensitization around the current state of advertising and marketing affairs. More than ever before, audiences are seeking platforms that provide relevant and purposeful content and accessibility.

This was the driving motive for building Rokt Calendar – the best-kept secret in marketing solutions. Rokt Calendar’s technology addresses a host of the current deficiencies and commercial inefficiencies plaguing today’s consumer engagement practices. The calendar has an inimitable ability to help brands build stronger, more authentic consumer relationships through one of the most personal content pathways across any device.

Calendar marketing empowers consumers and marketers alike. While consumers are enabled to personalize their calendars with the brands they care about, marketers are provided with a fluid and programmatic avenue to inspire actions at key moments in time.  

Think of the calendar as the new inbox, with reach across 2.8 billion devices worldwide, but none of the tricky distribution algorithms or spam filters that have historically kept your emails from consistently hitting the mark.  It’s a cross-device content repository and engagement influencer that serves to keep consumers and brands dynamically connected.

Rokt Calendar provides brands with the tools to enable custom and real-time consumer connectivity with events and content that drive your business’ top line. Need to geo-target sales events, or build custom user journeys after selling an airline ticket? Looking to enable fans to follow their favorite artists or shows to drive streaming engagement? We’ve got you covered.

With Rokt Calendar, your brand becomes the main event.